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“For many months my wife and I have enjoyed your wonderful, and amazing videos. We watch them at the end of the evening prior to retiring to bed as a means of enabling us to relax in the arms of Morpheus. Thank you so much!”


‘Thank you for sharing this site. It’s inspirational and calming.”


“I have forwarded your information onto the Director of PR and Marketing at our hotel and have also expressed to her how much I LOVE your company. It’s on in our household quite a bit!”


“Hello people at ArmchairTourist. I love your channel. I am a hairdresser who works from home and I am always tuned in. In the winter it is easy to get depressed with the weather— and you help me through it a lot. Thank you for coming up with this idea, it has made a big difference with my mood.”


“I want to say I love your channel on Roku. I am a single mom of three, and I have never been able to take my children on a vacation, so we really appreciate your beautiful videos, and we watch them quite often. Thank you!”


“I watch your site all the time. I find it very relaxing and interesting. Thank you.”


“I’d like to say that the ArmchairTourist channel on Roku is really cool.  It’s pretty neat to look in on random places all over the world in beautiful HD.”


“Hey there, I wanted to ask if the videos shown on the Roku ArmchairTourist Channel are live? Don’t laugh too hard! If they aren’t, I can tell. They seem really live or current. Thanks.”


“Thank you sooo very much for all the video art you put up on television. Sometimes I have it on pretty much all day when I’m home. I enjoy it whether I sit down to view it, or glancing at it as I’m about the house. Regards.”


“We love to relax watching this beautiful channel. Thank you for the great images!”


“My Mother is 80 and loves your channel with all the fantastic videos.Thanks for creating such enjoyable and interesting programs. It’s our default station when we’re not watching other programs. Best regards.”


“Guess what I am watching right now on my 65″ big screen T.V.?  Of course, one of your videos on your ArmchairTourist channel! Have a wonderful day in the snow!”


“I have been watching the Frame TV channel and I love it! It’s dangerously addictive. I was just wondering if you accept viewer submissions or if there was anyway that I could get involved with anything really!”